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December 16th, 2012  /  Category: Workshops  / 

What a particular state, particularly on a apnea dive! Crossing the point of neutral bouyancy is for sure nothing less than an outspoken invitation to fly under water. But apart from this, it is also the point, from where on we need to take action to come back to the surface. 

Sinking can feel like contradicting the need to come back, not only because we are increasing the distance to the surface more and more, but also because we often sink quite passively, without taking any strongly felt action that would normally remind us of our ability and bring it into the present moment.

How to be comfortable? How to feel truly safe under the condition of negative buoyancy? These are the questions that are leading through this workshop, no matter whether it is attended by a “line diver” or a “freediver”. And the answer will be found along the solution of inherent conflicts e.g. regarding the pairs “moving little – steering/manoeuvring”, “pleasant sinking – awaiting the turn”, “wanting to get somewhere – not producing propulsion”.