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I have been a freediver since my first recollections of swimming. Back then I could not swim, nor could I dive underwater. But my friend could – go down to the pools´ bottom and take up the rubber ring that we sunk there before. Andreas the freediver knew how desirable it was to do this and that this ability was somehow accessible to him too, just not yet.

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Now 30 years later I still feel this desire and also the trust in finding a way to realise the dive. This trust is a necessity, because freedives are not in the same way “done” as some other things. Apart from being done a dive is given to us. And if we take time to learn to accept these kind of gifts they can become really astonishing.

Watching your friend from the surface turned out to stay a captivating experience too.

This website is about the work I do. My offer goes to freedivers of various kinds, the ones that are called snorklers by others, as well as the ones trying to reach further and further down and who let this be their freediving. 

In my work I feel obliged to an open definition of freediving, in which going deep along a line is nothing but a variation of the free swimming and floating under water, that I call freediving. This open understanding of freediving is the base of my personal, 1 to 1 classes and makes it easy to comfortably dip under in the beginning and it opens ways, when things got a little too serious. 

Improvement for me goes along the lines of effortlessness, and agility. This includes an agility that may seem lazy from the outside.