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Andreas Peper - My Classes

My classes are organised in 1,5 to 2,5 hour sessions. 2 Sessions per day are a good way to intensively work on ones freediving. On the other hand, particularly with more time at hand, it can be good to have little doses of new input. For example 1 session per day on four or five consecutive days. Then a teaching break of 3-6 days to practice, rest and integrate without the teacher.

There are two basic types of classes. These types are often combined throughout one day of teaching:

  • “dry” class, in which we take advantage of a quiet context that supports a verbally and manually guided practice of basic moves. These classes help to understand, what one is doing in detail. Also the context allows to go very step by step, because there is no actual diving, which is asking for functioning. Like this we can afford to observe while practicing. Observe what works, as well as what does not work so well.
  • “wet” class. This is freediving, though with certain tasks at hand, as well as encouragement and feedback. “Feedback” meaning not always judgement, but often just a way to describe.