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Equalisation of the middle ear

December 18th, 2012  /  Category: Workshops  / 

 An interesting Workshop, because it can particularly help to understand the agenda of all the offered workshops. This agenda is “integration”. The equalisation of the middle-ear, yet a seemingly technical, little and local movement, in practice turns out to be interdependent with the whole way of diving. 

The sufficiency of the middleears equalisation is in practice highly dependent on ones quality of orientation, ones tension, e.g. as a result of goal or fear and of course the quality of the latest equalisation. This interdependency is not foremost a complication for improving things, but it is the reason for the great potential which lies in the improvement of the equalisation of the middleear – Interdependency works both ways…

This workshop is particulary valuable for freedivers who like deeper dives beyond 20m depth, but also for everybody having difficulty to equalise “in water”. Please let us get in e-mail, or Skype correspondence before deciding for this workshop.