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December 20th, 2012  /  Category: Workshops  / 

Moving in the water is different.

When we learn to ride a bike we discover a new way of moving ourselves.

Balance and acceleration seem to follow new rules compared to walking or standing or running. In order to move with agility in the water we also need to integrate balance and acceleration differently. A new way to integrate orientation seems to be needed too.

In this workshop we work on propulsion in its different contexts, e.g. starting and keeping up momentum, propulsion at different speeds, arm and leg techniques, contexts of different buoyancy and manoeuvring. The workshop will be structured with the help of the following two ideas:

  1. ¬†We will rework movements, that are borrowed from the way we move on land, to find then movements that are suitable to a place we are not “on” but “in between”
  2. We refine movements that suit the “in water” context well already, by making them effortless, integrating them in different situations and by increasing the number of versions of the same movement.