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December 15th, 2012  /  Category: Workshops  / 

Only through good orientation can we experience underwater movements as easy choices, and only through good orientation can we dive comfortably without¬†thinking about “safety”.

In this workshop we improve orientation. This is done with the help of the inherent limitations, that are put on a freediver’s orientation. Examples for these inherent limitations are:

We can not easily “look up” relative to the direction of movement. By extending our neck we achieve only a look to the front, this is because we ¬†normally swim head first.

The mask’s field of view is less than our normal one. Thus we miss a wide vision.

Turning in general is initially less wide, and often less quick compared to land.

Being inverted when swimming down head first, cuts us of many habits of perception, also the ones that help us to to orientate effortless and extensive.

Clarifying some of the limitations like this makes it possible to access the subject quite technical, although it could turn out to be the least technical of all the offered workshops, as orientation is an ongoing process that rather enables our goals and technique than to be its product.