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Personalised freedive coaching and introduction


Introduction – to an idea, rather than to freediving. The idea that swimming freely under water is as much about learning and as unlimited in its potential for improvement as any other human activity. This can not really be “learned” but it is simply recognized through practice.

How? by setting attention free:

The question “am I safe?” is taken its dominance by being shared with a partner. Through sharing the  question “am I safe?”, rather than restlessly answering it until the end of the dive, we can for the first time truly ask: “how does this feel?”, “what does this feeling mean to me?”, “how safe am I?”.

I have yet to meet someone, for whom this practice is not enlightening and liberating.

We also rework diving technique to make all parts of the dive more effortless. – Whenever effort is reduced, this produces new judgments and feel, so that we can better understand the simple truth, that as we are diving it is our ventilation that stops, while our breathing continues.

Advanced workshops

On the page below you find is a collection of workshops for advanced freedivers. – but who is advanced?

I really can not generalise on this point. For sure the workshop titles and description will mean something to the freediver with an according experience, these freedivers are meant, and it also does not matter whether one is self-taught or trained.

The workshops have no prescribed schedule, or list of techniques that are addressed, but they have a clear title that is used to choose a perspective on freediving and ones own development. The base of this work is the idea that “improvement” is foremost an internal measure, and the consequent goal is a good integration of the New, so that it is recognised as an improvement by the diver him or herself.

Also the suggested workshops are just one way to start. Another good one is to get in touch with me and tell about your very freediving and its perspectives.



Doing it… actually. Accepting and enjoying the unpredictability of a Dive, performing an improvisation on being loose the under water way. This improvisation is moderated by the environment.

Dec 2012

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Moving in the water is different. Even if it´s not moving somewhere, but just turning we need an understanding of how to produce push or propulsion, and how to integrate and time our movements.

Dec 2012

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Equalisation of the middle ear

An interesting Workshop, because it can particularly help to understand the agenda of all the offered workshops. This agenda is “integration”.

Dec 2012

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What a particular state, particularly on a apnea dive! Crossing the point of neutral bouyancy is for sure nothing less than an outspoken invitation to fly under water. But apart from this, it´s also the point, from where on we need to take action to come back to the surface.

Dec 2012

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Only through good orientation can we experience underwater movements as easy choices, and only through good orientation can we dive comfortably without thinking about “safety”.

Dec 2012

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In this workshop we develop a holistic exercise. A holistic exercise is close to the very freediving that is to be improved. But still there is some flexibility, which is used to put a focus on a a certain weakness or strength.

Dec 2012

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The mouthfill technique is used to equalise the middle ear at great depth and beyond. It also is of great value for diving with small initial lung volume (going down with much less than a full “in breath”).

Dec 2012

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